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After being orphaned from his mother in North Carolina at age 9 months,
Gabriel Fletcher and his mother’s sister, Jenny moved to Shreveport,
Louisiana to start a new life. James Blackmon was his neighbor and
became a strong mentor to Gabriel as he made his way into adulthood.
James helped him to secure his first full time job at the paper mill
where he worked. At the young age of 24, Gabriel was promoted to tour
foreman at the paper mill. He had bought a Boss 429 Mustang from James
that belonged to his brother, Travis, before he left for his Vietnam
tour. Travis was fatally injured at Hamburger Hill and never returned
home. Gabriel had a great job, great pay and a rare car for his
chariot; he also had the love and care of his Aunt Jenny, his mother’s
sister and they had made a comfortable life for themselves. All that
changed when he pulled a card off the Christmas tree in the time office
at the mill and decided to purchase a bicycle for an impoverished young
boy living in an old sharecroppers house just outside of town. He was
tired on this Christmas Eve but delivered the bicycle after working a
double shift and was now just longing for the awaiting comfort of his
bed. Upon crossing a desolate railroad track on that more than silent
night, a burning car struck horribly by a train and a small but clear
voice pleading for help would deter him of any rest tonight and any for
his heart for years until the truth was known about the girl that he
risked his life for. In her life or death destiny was chosen and
ultimately would be fulfilled. Her rescue from that burning car was a
miracle; little did a young Gabriel Fletcher know that it was only one
in so very many to follow. All he knew to do was the right thing at the
right time. We all have a hero inside of us waiting to awaken. Gabriel
was now a man in a moment as his was not only awake but urging him
unrelentingly towards the truth. Sometimes even heros need heros. As you
read his story you most assuredly will feel a strong urge to become
more than just a witness to it.

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