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For years Will Evans has been known for his vocals, song writing and guitar
playing, but to take the story line from one of his most prolific songs
to date and morph it into a novel was a journey that gave him an
opportunity to tap deeper into his gift for writing; a journey of self
discovery all its own. His love for painting a picture with words, music
and vocals acted as a vehicle for him to arrive on the doorstep of
Authorhouse for his first publication. He hopes that the story of
miracles that shape the destiny of Gabriel Fletcher will compel you to
want be more than just a witness. A video and songs are available online
by a web search of his name that are tied to this incredible story of
miracles, heroism, and destiny.

Will’s first
hand at lyrics came in the sixth grade, when his teacher for choir and English,
Harriett Etheridge gave an assignment that each student was to read a
designated number of poetry lines aloud for their grade. He decided to give it
a try by writing one and penned a poem called “Rain”; after reading it in class
you have to say who wrote the poem as a reference; feeling that it was not
something that becomes a guy and surely not macho, he stated that it was
written by an unknown writer.  Later he
confided to his teacher that he had written it himself. She found it hard to
believe; but some things are true even if you believe them or not; this poem is
available for your viewing below on this web page under “Rain”. 

Will continued
through school in all levels of singing but when transferring to a private
school in 1970, there was no music program in place; he continued with his
music in Winnsboro, La at Temple Baptist Church and met a very progressive
music director named Carl Kuby that influenced him for the rest of his life,
for it was Carl that brought drums, guitars and other instruments to the stage
of a Baptist church for the first time. He liked playing on stage and a fellow
guitar player, Gene Thompson, taught him new riffs and songs that were on the
radio that the ladies liked and Will was hooked.  

While rearing his children, a man by the name
of Marcus Robinson that had a real talent for playing the piano in the old
Stamps-Baxter style, invited Will to join a new quartet that he had put
together called the Million Heirs and they traveled extensively for over 3
years. After the untimely death of 2 of the members, the quartet disbanded;
little did Will know that his music endeavors were about to take another turn. 

H.V. Shaw invited him to come to audition for a gospel group that he and a long
time fellow singer were putting together called “The Countrymen”; Will was the
only baritone/lead singer for the group for over 23 years until they had their
last concert in May of 2013; as they took their final bow and over 175
well-wishers came by to hug their necks and reminisce of all the years of
listening to them sing, the awards that they had won in Branson, and gaining
recognition in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Lousiana, it was one lone
precious lady in her late 70’s that came to Will with tears rolling down her
cheeks and said, “Will, you just can’t leave us; you just can’t stop; you make
us feel what you sing: these guys are older and are retiring; please stay with
us and bless us some more…will you?” How could such a plea be ignored? 

He had
penned a solo album called “The Stone” that had sold several thousand copies
and he had traveled with it for 3 years in addition to touring with the group
and found it incredible gratifying that people were moved by his lyrics and
musical offerings. He has decided to return to the stage in the Spring of 2014
for a new tour with a new album; and yes, it will be called “A Man In A

One of the most prevalent
things that Will continues to emphasize is that all of the talent that he has
been given is on loan from God; he states very plainly and adamantly that he
just manages it for Him. His favorite expression is “Trust me…I am not this
talented. It’s a God thing” when he is asked about his abilities as a writer,
lyricist and the latest addition to his endeavors is a director; something that
he states is both scary and tremendously gratifying with a splash of being a

Will has formed a production company called Hot Seat Productions and is
working with Mike Heeley to produce a video that closely chronicles his first
book. It is filmed in the very sparsely populated town of Douglas, Louisiana at
the Calhoun Plantation, which is on the National Directory of historical sites.
It was built by Dr Calhoun in the mid 1800’s and is the primary backdrop for
his first full length video and has a supporting cast of over a dozen actors.
It is available to you at no charge on this site and is available as a free
download. There will be plenty of pictures of the plantation including a very sinister tree that the courtroom scene
was filmed under;  A very spry Jane
Calhoun, one of Dr. Calhoun’s family members stated that the tree was thought
to be dead until it just recently started to put on foliage. It appears to be
some sort of strange hybrid tree and has not been able to be properly
identified. She and her son in law, Bo Epperson have been very hospitable in
granting unlimited access to this extremely historically rich location.  

Will’s hometown is West Monroe, LA and he is
a food vendor at at the River Market in front of the courthouse in Monroe, LA.
He invites all to come and join him for his latest food offering, a Cajun
corndog; you won’t have any trouble finding him there…just look for the red
unbrellas every Saturday until the 14th of December; he can be heard
hawking his wares by his expression at Cajun Will’s Sweet Spot when he
proclaims “Look for Red if you want to be fed!” 

When asked by younger folks
about their future choice for a vocation he always replies, “Find something
that you love to do; something that really makes your heart sing; a job that
you just can’t wait to go do. When you discover what that vocation choice is
then try to find a way to get paid for it.” Currently Will is retired from a
near 20 year long career of nursing as an Registered Psychiatric Nurse and is
at his house hoping that you will buy his book and music so he can get paid for
what he loves to do. 

A second book will follow this offering; he states that he
will have to be pressed into service for it by his readers. He also has two
others that are offshoots of his work at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center in
FWB, Florida while he was a member of the electro-convulsive therapy team there
at their psychiatric facility. “Just let your mind run wild on that one and you
can see the limitless possibilities that my experience in that field affords to
my writing skills” he says with eyebrows raised, shooting a sideways glance. He
says that the book is called “Stimulation” and it chronicles a psychiatrist
that travels on a work/research visa from Spain to south Florida in search for
a better venue of care for severely chronically ill mental patients as his
passion is driving him to find a cure. What this compassionate psychiatrist  finds as he sets his sights on his goal and
then plows past the depths of research abandoned  by other psychiatrists is a full continent’s
width past unnerving. It is a well knitted tale that will keep you up at night
wondering if Will is just a very gifted writer or a better witness.

Will’s very
first poem in the 6th grade:


The cloud,
it’s gray veil descends,

o’er the
dusty earth.

And here I

By the fire,

a cricket
sounding on the hearth.

To hear the
drops on the roof;

To hear them at the door;                 

To feel the heat from the hearth

and the thunder roll and roar.

And when the sky it’s gray veil has lifted,

And the pattering has ceased from the panes,

I can sit back in relief and relax,

for I know it was only the Rain.


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